Abraham Lincoln Font Free Download

We are going to introduce you to an amazing font named after United States Of America 16th President Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln Font is a perfect Sans Serif font for all.

Impartial commenced as Kai Bernau’s commencement challenge at kabk (the royal academy of artwork, the Hague), taking a concept from typefaces that appear ageless,

It became constructed primarily based on a hard and fast of parameters. Derived via measuring and averaging a number of popular twentieth-century sans serif fonts.

Aware that there may be no such element as general neutrality, this typeface explores how the absence of stylistic institutions can help the reader to interact with the content of a text.

Abraham Lincoln Font

This 3D carries uppercase, lowercase, small caps, old style, and tabular numbers; similarly to a real italic for each weight; and calligraphic info designed to compose his poems.

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ABRAHAMLINCOLN - Abraham Lincoln Font Free Download

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