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Cooper black font is a serif font designed by an American typeface and graphic designer, Oswald Bruce Cooper. He has designed various typefaces throughout his career, including the Cooper series, Cooper black series. Cooper full-face series etc. The font was released in the 19th century under Barnhart Brothers & Spindler foundry. However, the foundry broke ties with the font after a few years. An American-type foundry is the current owner of this typeface.

You can install Cooper black font free in your system in numerous versions for extended use. It also comprises numerous variants that make you can use with bickham font and it will be a perfect font for different use. Furthermore, you can make different Cooper black font shapes with a Cooper black font text-based generator free of cost. You can get an approach to this useful tool online.

Cooper Black Font History

The font was released in 1929 for display use. In the early 1960s, it took huge popularity because of its extended use in pop culture. It comprises numerous variants and styles, including Cooper Black Italic, Cooper Black condensed, Cooper Hilite, etc. Many printing companies copied the Cooper Black font in all these years.
History of Cooper Black Font
History of Cooper Black Font
It is an old-style serif display that is based on Bold letters. You can also get various Cooper Black font-free alternatives, including CooperFiveOpti-Black font and Charlemagne Condensed font. This font ultimately fulfills the requirements of publishers; that’s why it one of the popular serif typefaces.

Font Information

NameCooper Black Font
DesignerOswald Bruce Cooper
Foundry Barnhart Brothers & Spindler
TypeOld Style
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1922
LicenseFree for Both Personal and Commercial Use only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Cooper Black Font

The font has been generated for the last many decades; that’s why it has been applied in numerous points. Furthermore, the complete set of characters and numerous variants also made it versatile for being used on various platforms. Hence, you can use this font with polya font in different display situations. Publishers fully get facilitated with this typeface by using the font in magazines and newspapers.

Furthermore, you can go with the font on your websites, designs, printing work, graphic designs, artwork, albums, music, logos, etc.

Cooper Black Font View

Cooper Black Font View
Cooper Black Font View

Calibri Font Family (Includes 2 Styles)

  1. Cooper Black Italic
  2. Cooper Black Regular

Similar Fonts to Cooper Black

License Information

You don’t need a license to use the font for your commercial, printing, and display projects. You can download the paid and free version of this font for Webfont and Desktop and start using it in every big and small project.

Cooper Black Font Free Download

You can get this font for your desktop free of cost for every type of use. You only need to install the font from the downloading link mentioned here. After downloading, you can start making your projects successful.

Question Answers

What Type of Font Is Cooper Black Font?

It is an old-style serif display typeface designed for printing purposes. Oswald Bruce Cooper designed this masterpiece in 1929 that gained a huge acceptance in all these years. Furthermore, you can easily get the font on your web free of cost.

Can We Use Cooper Black Font Free for Commercial Projects?

You can get an approach to both paid and free versions of this font after downloading it to your device. You can use the font free for your personal and commercial projects without charges.

Who Designed Cooper Black Font?

Oswald Bruce Cooper, an American designer produced this beautiful serif font in 1929 for display or printing use.

Where Can You Use Black Cooper Font?

The font has been used by publishers for many years. Furthermore, it has been used for printing and display work in all these years. You can also use this font with germany font for these variation purposes. Furthermore, you can use the font in websites, designs, logos, titles, headlines, headings, and various other locations.

Why Black Cooper Font Is Extremely Popular?

It is one of the highly used serif fonts. It is popular because of its use in printing and publishing work.

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