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Coca Cola is a highly used soft during across the globe. The Coca Cola company manufactured this drink in the late 19th century. Even today, it is used everywhere in an excessive way. The logo of Coca Cola is another enchanting feature that grabbed everyone’s attention. However, Coca Cola Ii is the real font applied to the logo of Coca Cola drink in 1985. Frank Mason Robinson designed this beautiful font.

You can enjoy Coca-cola font free on your devices in many versions. Furthermore, it is observed that the lettering of the font logo is identical to the Mustardo Script Font. Other than that, you can produce many supreme Coca Cola font designs by using the Coca Cola font Generator. It is a text generator that designers use to get beautiful font shapes free of cost.

Coca Cola Font History

The Coca Cola font logo was designed in the early 1980s that was featured on a red background written with white colour. This red and white combination caught the attention, and people surely started loving it. The first character of Coca Cola has a long edge while the other characters are attached to each other.

History of Coca Font
History of Coca Font

You can get Coca Cola font free similar fonts to use in your next project. The fonts similar to Coca Cola are Coca Cola Ii font and Muller Font. In 2017, the company introduced a new Coke font, i.e. TCCC Unity font.

Font Information

NameCoca-Cola Font
TypeFrank Mason Robinson
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree For Commercial Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of Coca Cola Font

This unique and perfectly designed typeface can be highlighted in many places. You can use the font for the various logo, be it a company logo or any media field. Furthermore, you can apply the font to your websites, designs, banners, ads, layouts, posts, cards, and many other places.

It is an old-script typeface that surely gives a long-lasting impression when used in a design. Hence, make long use of this font anywhere you want.

Coca Cola Font View

Coca Font View
Coca Font View

Similar Fonts to Coca-Cola

  • Coca-Cola Extra Condensed
  • M+ 2c Thin
  • Coco
  • Specify Personal Condense
  • Specify Personal Normal T
  • Breakable
  • Alegreya Sans Thin

License Information

The Coca Cola font only demands font downloading after which you are free from any restrictions and limitations. You can apply the font in your current or next project free if the font is available on your device.

Coca Cola Font Free Download

You can use Coca Cola font in your personal and commercial work projects without any limitation. You only need to download the font on your computer to start using it in your projects. It is a license-free typeface that you can apply in all your required places.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Is Coca Cola Font Called?

Coca-Cola Ii is the real typeface applied to the logo of this famous Coca-Cola soft drink. However, in 2017, the company has changed the font and switched to TCCC Unity font.

Can We Use Coca-Cola Font Free?

Fortunately, it is a free font that you can experiment within all your projects. There is no licensing authority issue before applying the font that enhances its use.

Who First Scripted the Coca-Cola Logo?

Dr John S Pemberton is the man behind the formula of Coca-Cola. However, Frank M Robinson gave an idea of adding 2 Cs in the logo that was later approved.

Which Fonts Are Similar to Coca Cola?

Coca Cola Ii font and Dodge Font contain many similarities with Coca Cola font.

Who Designed Coca Cola Font?

Frank Mason Robinson created the font used on the logo.

What Is Coca Cola Font Generator?

It is a text generator that designers use to develop different shapes of Coca Cola font. This tool does different operations and is ideal in many ways. You can also use the downloaded font excessively without getting worried about compabitility problems.

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