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Fortnite Font is a sans-serif typeface that is bold and a gaming font that originated after the release of the famous video game Fortnite. Fortnite is an action video game that released in 2017 after which it became a favorite game for every action lover. The font used in this video game is Burbank Big Condensed Black font, a widely used sans-serif typeface. After the immense popularity of Fortnite, a fan-made Fortnite font came into existence.

It’s been a few years since this font released yet it has overcome the popularity of many other fonts and has replaced them on many platforms. It is a fun gaming typeface that you can clearly think about for many programs and designing projects. Tal Leming designed this amazing Condensed Black font that got gigantic acceptance and approval. It comprises many symbols, letters and Numbers, and additional font types.

You can come upon many similar Fortnite fonts that you can use in your designs including Sans Black small, Futura Extra Black font, and a few others. Furthermore, it comes with an online tool with the name Fortnite Tool Generator that does the different operations. It allows you to draft different Fornite designs free of cost and make them agreeable with your browser. All processing can be done easily without any penny.

Fortnite Font History

It’s been a few years since this font released and in no time it got everyone’s eye on it. Many big and small designers have applied this font for different projects and gave satisfactory remarks. If we talk about its history, an action-based video game with the title Fortnite released in 2017 and apart from the game, its logo also became the talk of the town. After tremendous popularity, fan-made Fortnite font released.

History of Fornite Fon
History of Fornite Fon

It was released by Epic Games on 25th July 2017 after which it became implacable. Fortnite is a widely utilized typeface that has the potential to make the design worth appreciating. With its distinguished and modest characters, it can make the design stand out that’s why it is a priority of many designers.

Font Information

NameFortnite Font
DesignerTal Leming
TypeDisplay, Bold, Fun
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Fortnite Font

Burbank Big Condensed Black typeface is the main font behind all the popularity and usage. It is amazing that Fortnite font received the same acknowledgment as the game received back in 2017. Though it’s been a few years people got to play this game and got to acknowledge this font yet in a few years this font has become a primary typeface for many notable places and platforms.

Its attractive style has attracted many people’s attention that’s why got famous across the globe. It has been applied for many national and international purposes. If you are working on a gaming website or project then there should be no debate on which font you should use. Let’s point out those platforms where this typeface should be a center of attention.

1- Gaming Platform

The trend of playing online games is not new. People from everywhere are fond of games for which designers surely use a font for the Logo or for any other purpose. If you are working on such a project or making a website based on the Gaming niche then this font should be clearly your top pick. Without any doubt, you can consider this typeface for such projects in the future.

2- Branding Projects

The next category is branding projects where this font is usually seen being used. If you have a brand and you are thinking to make it special and distinctive by using extraordinary typefaces with watch font, here is a top recommendation for you. This elegant font will provide a contemporary touch to your brand and people will surely consider and appreciate it.

3- Packaging Purpose

The next one that comes to this category is packaging purposes. You can use this font in such a regard that would be an ideal choice. Usually, people consider visible fonts for packaging purposes so you can use this font.

As far as other platforms are concerned, you can utilize Fortnite font for Headings, Official projects, Assignments, Banners, and many other places.

Fortnite Font View

Fortnite Font View
Fortnite Font View

Fortnite Font Family (Includes 20 Styles)

  1. Burbank Big Condensed Light
  2. Burbank Big Condensed Medium
  3. Burbank Big Condensed Bold
  4. Burbank Big Condensed Black
  5. Burbank Big Regular Light
  6. Burbank Big Regular Medium
  7. Burbank Big Regular Bold
  8. Burbank Big Regular Black
  9. Burbank Big Wide Light
  10. Burbank Big Wide Medium
  11. Burbank Big Wide Bold
  12. Burbank Big Wide Black
  13. Burbank Small Light
  14. Burbank Small Light Italic
  15. Burbank Small Medium
  16. Burbank Small Medium Italic
  17. Burbank Small Bold
  18. Burbank Small Bold Italic
  19. Burbank Small Black
  20. Burbank Small Black Italic

Similar Fonts to Fortnite

  • Marvin
  • Folk-solid font
  • Bohem Font 
  • Safe from harm font
  • CF Bad Cops Regular font
  • Caprica Sans font

License Information

In the end, you always require the paid version of a particular font because to fully avail its features and characteristics you need a licensing authority. Buy the license get the authority and start using the font excessively.

Fortnite Font Free Download

Fortnite font can be free downloaded in your system if you want to use its free version. The free version of this font provides you with many alphabets and characters. The link through which the free version can be downloaded is provided below. Download it and enjoy its features.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Fortnite Font?

The Fortnite font is a sans-serif font that was used on the logo of an online action game Fortnite. The actual font used on that logo was Burbank Big Condensed Black font. It was released in 2017.

Is Fortnite Font Free for Commercial Use?

The Fortnite font is not free for commercial use. You need to get your hands on its paid version in order to get a complete approach to this font. Once you have the approach, start using it everywhere.

What Font Does Fortnite Use?

The font that took everyone’s attention is Burbank Big Condensed Black, a widely used sans-serif typeface.

Where Fortnite Font Can Be Used?

You can use this typeface in multiple places. For instance, Gaming platforms, websites, Packaging, Commercial projects, Digital projects, Printing projects, Assignments, Headings, Titles, etc. It gives visible look to your design.

What Is Fortnite Font Generator?

It is a tool that is used online free of cost. The tool is used for different purposes. For instance, you can design different Fortnite font designs with this tool and you can eliminate the font’s compatibility issue with this tool.

Is Fortnite Font Worth Using?

It is clearly one of the highly used and highly recommended fonts that can make the design impactful and stylish without any doubt. You can consider this font in the future if you want your design stand tall.

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