Fusterd Brush Font Free Download

Hey, We are so happy to bring a brand new brush font. Introducing Fusterd Brush Font. This font is ideal for designing and mostly for painting purposes.

As some distance back as the fifteenth century, Albrecht dürer (of the just shaping of letters) endeavored to describe a book with circles and arcs: top to width proportions reference the golden ratio.

At the height of the Bauhaus era, with its search for the form which follows function, Herbert more bay and Jan Tschichold experimented with geometry in kind and typography.

Futura, designed with the aid of Paul Renner, is an end result of this thinking. Fusterd script is a hand brushed font created with a broom and ink, ambitious and abnormal baseline.

Fusterd Brush Font

However, even the designers of that generation subsequently mentioned that, for the type. Because shape following feature isn’t accomplished via geometry but through harmonious proportions.

This script font perfect to be used in watercolor layout or lettering style ambitious hands, such as blog header, posters, wedding elements, t-blouse, clothing, cowl books, business cards, greeting cards, branding, products, invites and handmade costs and more.

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Fusterd Brush Font - Fusterd Brush Font Free Download

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