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Latha Font is the simple and beautiful Tamil script typeface, UI designed this font script. Download and use this font typeface in Windows and Mac.

Let’s take a seem at Meticulous Ariel. At the same time now not as smooth as Diploma, Meticulous Ariel does have a definite excessive-finish believe, due to its traditional European touches and powerful types.

This free font is suitable for each print and web-situated design. The free % comes with four weights, including Muller slender light, gentle Italic, additional daring, and extra daring Italic.

Tamil font is among the extra casual and spirited fonts within the combine, evoking memories of lady’s names in high tuition yearbooks. There are additionally Envelope Icons, which might be superb for including just a little ornament to your lettering.

What stands out to me about this font is the various weights. Extra along the traces of a Helvetica or lightly condensed Helvetica, Nevis is well proposal-out however simple.

Azhagi is a serif font with 5 styles, designed by way of Carlos del Toro to be used in print and display. It boasts visible x-heights, the style is somewhat condensed, and it is extremely readable across all of its styles.

Latha Font

I feel you don’t need me to wax poetic about Latha font again, however, keep in mind that, this can be a wise font with various applications.

Lively and expressive, it reminds us of Quentin Blake’s splendidly lively illustrations. It has a high cap-top, robust, angular serifs, and is best for print work or eBooks.

I suppose this font would be used at an attitude or dropped back as an ornamental detail, It’s hard to think Gotham font as whatever however an announcement piece, however in that it’s great.

This typeface has a lot of font styles which will give the wonderful look to your project.
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Latha Font

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