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Lego Font is a sans-serif typeface that was applied to the Logo of one of the world’s popular companies Logo,  Lego. It is a Billund Toy company that is known for creating different branded toys. It earns Billions of revenue every year and has a huge name across the globe. The Logo took everyone’s attention and embellished the talk of the town.

It is one of the foremost typefaces that gives you a perfect on-screen experience. The font used on that Logo is termed as LegoThick, a sans-serif typeface. Lego Thick is a fan-made typeface that is similar to the font used on that Logo. It is accessible across the globe and can be used by any person worldwide and this can also a great combination of slash display font. It provides you with a real on-screen experience and makes your design worth considering.

Apart from that, you can also use Lego Font Generator if you want to create different font Posters and Logos free of cost without downloading the font. It also provides you a facility to make the font web-safe so that you can use it on maximum domains and platforms. However, the font only contains capital letters, so if you want to use the font in your next project, you can only get access to its capital letters.

Lego Font History

The Lego font came into being a few years after which it successes to impress everyone with its unique characters and features. In 2007, it won a prize from Tokyo type directors as the best Type Layout. It is a fancy font that is considered an ordinary font yet one of the worth trying typefaces because of its Italics and Weights. When the Lego company originated, it seized everyone’s observation.

The Typeface used on the Logo also inspired people, after which a font similar to the typeface used on that Logo was built by a fan. Despite many years of fan-made font emerges, it is still used on websites: brands, logos by ordinary and professional designers. However, if you want to use this typeface in your designs, always go for capital letters.

History of Lego Font
History of Lego Font

You can also get different high-quality free typeface alternatives to Lego font, among which a few of them incorporates Solid Lego font, Lego house font, etc. It is a modern and fancy font that goes best for modern age websites where you want to give imaginary touch.

Font Information

NameLego Font
DesignerLego Brick
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Lego Font

When it comes to font usage, there is a huge list where this font remained the centerpiece for many notable places. For different brands and company Logos, it snatched all the limelight, and people couldn’t resist praising this fancy and modern font and this can also be pair with fira sans font. Let’s discuss a few places where this font was used and highly praises. Those domains or platforms include:

1- Brand/Company

In all these years, the Lego font remained one of the highly applied fonts for different brands and companies. As the font is specially originated after being inspired by a company’s Logo hence, the font is specially applied for such purpose. There is a long list of brands that use this font on their Logo and earned huge praise. You can also get your hands on this typeface free of cost for your brand or website.

2- Entertainment

Entertainment is another platform where this font is excessively used. For different channels, Movies, and series Logos, it is one of the worth considering fonts. The Lego font is a fancy font, so it would be the best choice for such platforms. As it is accessible everywhere so you can also utilize it for such platforms.

Like every other sans-serif typeface, this typeface can be utilized in numerous places when combined with slime box font you can design a website, go ahead with this font on Headings, Titles, Advertisements, Banners, Logos, Projects, Products, etc. It makes your design look engaging and fascinating and lets people understand and admire the design.

Lego Font View

Lego Font View
Lego Font View

Similar Fonts to Lego

  • KG Lego House
  • KG Dark Side
  • Comfortaa
  • LMSansQuot8-Regular
  • Aristotelica Text Trial
  • Revofit
  • Hero
  • Cursus_Bold

License Information

It is a fan-made designed typeface that is accessible to everyone without any license specification. You can get a complete approach to this font after downloading it to your system. Whether your project is on a commercial level or Digital level, or Printing level, you can make an extended usage with a Lego font license that is easily accessible free of cost.

Lego Font Free Download

After acknowledging all the features, who wouldn’t want to make their design look likable? Where you are or what type of project you are operating, use the Lego font and make your design a huge success. Download the font from the link attached to this guide; it will be downloaded into your system in no time. You can download the font in many formats, including TTF and OTF.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Lego Font?

It is a sans-serif typeface that is a modern and fancy font. It is designed by a fan after being stimulated by the Logo of Lego company, Europe’s popular Toy manufacturing company. The font used on that logo was Lego Brick.

Who Designed Lego Font?

The Lego font is made by an ordinary man who tried to create a font similar to the one used on the Logo of the notable toy company Lego.

Is Lego Font Free for Commercial Use?

It is a free and highly accessible font that can be used anywhere and for every domain and platform. Whether you are working on a commercial, Digital, or Printing project, you can always go for Lego font that gives a fantastic on-screen appearance and make your design class apart.

What Is Lego Font Generator?

It is an online tool that allows you to design different eye-catchy Lego font Logos, Designs, and Posters free of cost without having the font downloaded in your system. Furthermore, it makes the downloaded font web-friendly so that you can use it in every possible place.

Where Can Lego Font Be Used?

The Lego font can be utilized in many places. The capital letters of this font would be an appropriate choice for Logos, Websites, Titles, projects, graphic designs, etc. It provides you with a perfect screen appearance.

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