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Introducing Melisa Fun Font a laugh font this font as one of the great emblem font selections. It is similar to the godfather able to be applied in all regions of photo format and is often used on t-shirts, badges and print designs.

It has been available in an unmarried everyday style with an opentype document format.

All of these characters can be applied to improve the quit and start of words simply as gluing phrases together. This lets in for specific mixtures that make your designs stand out.

Melisa Fun Font Free

It’s miles a traditional slab serif face, due to this that the serifs are unbracketed and of similar weight to the stableness of every man or woman.

This is fashionable and active! It’ll supply your projects a personality and is similar to tall skinny good for digital and print artwork!

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melisia font - Melisa Fun Font Free Download

It’s a superb typeface with letters which might be resultseasily unusual from every and each awesome.

It has moreover been used on a passport from 1995. The font is sans serif typeface that looks like vag rounded and has a very extraordinary typeface, and their letters are lovely and comfy to examine.

Hard, formidable, and very robust, this unfashionable-style layout is traditional in layout. The font makes a remarkable choice approximately emblems, headlines, and letterheads.

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