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Sherika Font is a modern sans serif typeface that was formed in Akbartype for the first time. This awesome texture has a geometric grotesque look that makes it popular all over the world in the font market. This font family has 232 glyphs along with 2048 units per em.

Due to its incredible look, this awesome and fantastic typeface is famous all over the world. Its modern feature makes it more useable for designers and its uses are increasing day after day. This cool lettering font has both OTF and TTF formats.

This font family has many similar fonts that you can choose for alternative text designs like neue montreal font which has also a sans-serif texture. The designers can easily specify in CSS for different types of designing purposes. This type has bold and clean glimpses with modern alternates. Also, check out the generator tool of this typeface for graphic display.

Key Features of Sherika Font

One of the most notable and advanced features of this typeface is that this font family has 14 attractive styles with unique weights. All of these 14 styles are attainable with matching Italics. Some of the styles are thin, bold, and black styles.

The wide variety of Glyphs of this typeface makes it more attractive for decorative designs. The OpenType features of this family with classic ligatures increase the worth of this typeface. A large list of the styles of this typeface allows developers to pick out any style and put it in their modern plans.

Sherika Font

Sherika Font Download

If you need a free version of this font that is free for all personal projects then click on the below download button to get it on your operating systems and use it easily on your personal projects.

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Font Details

NameSherika Font
TypeSans Serif
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only

The Role of Sherika Font in Web Design

You can use this font for making logos designs, wallpapers designs, banner designs, and social media post designs. This font family is also suitable for creating animated gift card designs, text effects, and ebook covers design purposes.

This modern typeface is also suitable for use in more unique design projects by pairing with luxora grotesk font. It is also useable for t-shirt and clothes printing purposes. This font family is also useable for letterhead designs and movie trailer designs.

You can also pick this font for packaging and branding for different types of products. For advertising and digital marketing purposes, you can pick this modern-look typeface. You can pick this font for making comic book designs, wall murals designs, posters designs, and flyers design purposes. By using this font, you can give a unique touch to your designs and make them more effective for designers.

Sherika Font Family (Includes 14 Styles)

  • Sherika Thin
  • Sherika Thin Italic
  • Sherika Light
  • Sherika Light Italic
  • Sherika Regular
  • Sherika Italic
  • Sherika Medium
  • Sherika Medium Italic
  • Sherika Bold
  • Sherika Bold Italic
  • Sherika Extra Bold
  • Sherika Extra Bold Italic
  • Sherika Black
  • Sherika Black Italic

Similar Fonts to Sherika Font

Some common and popular fonts that are similar to this typography in different terms and styles are attainable here.

The typefaces which are mentioned above are the closest alternative to this font family.  You can also check the style and appearance of these.

Sherika Font

Licensing Information

The main designer of this typeface allows to use it free for all personal as well as secret projects. But if anyone wants to use this typeface for commercial and business projects then it is must need to buy the license from the owner of this font family.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Who is the designer of Sherika Font?

Akbartype is the designer of this font and it was published through Seniors Studio which is a famous typographic studio.

What font is alternative to Sherika Font?

Bebas font is the perfect similar font to this amazing sans serif typeface that belongs to the sans serif type family.

Is Sherika Font a web-safe font?

Yes, it is secure for different types of web projects and all designers can safely utilize this amazing typeface for all projects.

What is the online generator tool of Sherika Font?

This is a free online tool that you can choose for converting text into graphics. This tool will help you for making graphic designs that are similar to this typeface.

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